Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts for Caribbean Schools

Theatre Arts for Caribbean Schools

level: Book 3
ISBN: 9789768185921
No of pages: 359
About this series:

The series offers a comprehensive treatment of dramatic activities in a variety of forms, fusing techniques and skills. It is done creatively and meaningfully as it offers both coach (teacher) and performer (student) the scope for truly participating and appreciating acting as a form of dramatic art.

In the pursuit of this discipline the students will begin to discover everything about the theory and practice of theatre arts and drama.

 The objectives are:

 to develop creative thinking

 to develop concentration and attention to detail

 to understand one’s role in a group

 to promote team work and co operation

 to promote vocal and verbal expression

 to enhance all curricular, particularly history, art and language arts

 to prepare students for their examinations.

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