English Language

A Comprehensive English Course

A Comprehensive English Course

level: Book 1
ISBN: 9789768185198
No of pages: 278
About this series:

A Comprehensive English Course Revised Edition (2003) Books 1 -3 and CXC A are to meet the requirements of The English Language Course leading to the CXC examination.

The Major components of the text are:

Language Structure- consisting of practice in the use of grammatical structures in functionally and contextually meaningful situations.

Understanding -comprising reading passages and selections of poetry designed to give practice in literal, inferential and evaluative skills.

Written Expression -which comprises the teaching and practice of the various functions of writing - expository, descriptive, narrative, argumentative and summary writing. Writing is preceded by abundant practice in discussion, reading and thinking based on print and non- print stimulus material.

Other essential features:

Speaking and listening skills, drama and play writing and acting.

Essential features of poetry - rhyme, rhythm, mood , imagery and figurative language.

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