Creative Writing

Developing Skills in Composition

Developing Skills in Composition

level: Primary Level 1 New Revised
ISBN: 9789768251633
No of pages: 116
About this series:

Developing Skills in Composition Levels 1 - 3and Upper Primary Level are designed to develop students’ skills and techniques in the composing process. It offers students practice in using language to relate, describe, explain, report and as an instrument of the creative imagination.

Levels 1 and 2 are workbooks designed for Standard 1 and Standard 2 classes. Their appeal is appropriate to each stage of development of the pupil. As the series progresses, Level 3 and Upper Primary Level focus on various modes of communication-narrative, descriptive, factual and expository. The content of the lessons is in keeping with the demands of the new Language Arts Syllabus for Primary Schools in the Caribbean.

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