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16 a collection of short stories

16 a collection of short stories

ISBN: 9789768251374
No of pages: 124
About this series:

16 is a uniformly strong collection of lively, well-crafted and previously unpublished short stories, most of them showing distinct promise, and a few approaching excellence. One of the pleasures of reading the whole book is that while each story can stand up for itself, the gathering has the impact of a unified whole. 

The stories announce their island identity by satisfying certain common expectations of the Trinidadian/West Indian short story: impressive and often functional descriptions of landscape; the vivid character (including the smartman/trickster); the outsider figure; humour and comedy; the dialect-speaking character; folk material including the supernatural; and the writer’s consciousness of the interplay between ‘the rural’ and ‘the urban’ as they merge into each other. Conforming to tradition does not prevent the collection from feeling new.

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