Although the USA issued her passport, Jeanne Mason lives out of a suitcase and considers herself a citizen of the world. She's a freelance writer and editor whose interests include drama, books and travel, particularly hiking holy mountains like Ireland's Skellig Michael and Croagh Patrick. Throughout her life she has been involved in theatre on both sides of the stage, and for five years she owned and operated a children's theatre featuring 6-14 year olds who performed two Broadway musicals a year. She enjoyed writing the 3-volume series Theatre Arts for Caribbean Schools (secondary level),  and is currently engaged in distilling its essence to monosyllables for primary level thespians.


  • Languague Arts course 1
  • Languague Arts course 2
  • Languague Arts course 3
  • Languague Arts course 4
  • Languague Arts course 5
  • Languague Arts course 6